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40 months of professional work experience in business development. 

Industries: Retail (Amazon India) and IT (Cognizant & Wipro).

Sales Specialist (L4): In Amazon India, I was a part of the seller management team responsible for seller acquisition and business development for the following product categories: Groceries, Stationery, Baby products, Toys, and Office supplies. 

Skills gained: Data analysis (using Excel and R), developing training materials (playbooks, videos etc) for sellers, delivering persuasive sales pitches to C level executives, product category management, and conducting interviews. 


In Cognizant Technology Solutions, I was a part of the horizon 3 (digital) products marketing team. Specifically, I was involved with the marketing activities for Cognizant's Telematics based solution 'GeoLocus'. I was also involved in the marketing activities for Cognizant's digital SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) solutions.

Skills gained: Internal team coordination, Developing marketing plans and managing marketing budgets, Developing marketing materials such as product brochures and micro-sites.

In Wipro Technologies, I handled the business development and go-to-market strategies for Wipro's remote health monitoring solution.

Skills gained: Product pilots, field sales, lead generation, and market research. 

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